Africa’s New Age Modern Farmers

Our objective at Farmz2U is to increase food security and sustainability through innovation in agriculture. With a focus in Sub Saharan Africa, we seek to use technology to empower smallholder farmers,the bedrock of agriculture. Afterall, they make up 80% of all farmers in the region and contribute to local food production.

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt – Women farming cassava in Sierra Leone

For as long as I can remember, the African farmer has been depicted as uneducated and poor, with a hoe or cutlass being used to manage his or her farm. But guess what, there is a new age of modern farmers in Africa. With the continent’s resources like vast arable land and a growing youth population, there is a great potential for the agricultural sector.

Farmz2U helps farmers farm better with tailored agricultural expertise and access to market”

Technology has a way of accelerating growth and this is what we seek to achieve at Farmz2U with our digital platform. This week, I had a Zoom call with farmers in Lagos, Nigeria demonstrating our product and its impact in addressing their challenges. So, at Farmz2U, yes we know firsthand that the depiction of the African farmer being uneducated and poor is becoming less true.

Zoom Call with Farmers (details redacted)

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