What is Farmz2U?

We are a an agtech enterprise that develops technology solutions for agriculture. With a team of agronomists, engineers and data scientists, we seek innovative ways of using technology to empower the next generation of farmers in Sub Saharan Africa.

Why are we doing this?

Farmers in Nigeria challenges like poor yield, poor access to market and knowledge gap among others. While our operations are currently in Nigeria, we seek to expand across Sub Saharan Africa given similar farm structures like size and soil type, across the region.
To ensure food sustainability, we are helping farmers increase produce yield and reduce pest & disease infestations. Our goal is to increase profits and productivity on the farm.

How are we doing this?

Our farming management platform has features that help farmers decide what to grow. This is based of farm resources and data analytics, for instance; historic crop yields can determine maize as a good candidate! Also with access to market we support secondary services like guaranteed sales which is very important to the farmer! Farmz2U plays a market maker role in ensuring profitable and equitable benefits across the entire value chain.

If you want to talk to us, please send an email to info@farmz2u.co.uk.

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